04 March 2009

We Have A Son!

Just a super quick update...After a quick labor (a birth story I'll write later) We have a 9 lb beautiful son! God is so faithful.

More pictures to follow, of course. :)


Amy said...

Congratulations! May you enjoy the differences between your daughters and son. They are truly different. It is great to be able to experience both. It has been a joy to us to have five boys and be blessed with two girls now. Also we are 11 weeks pregnant with another blessing from our Lord.

BTW, Christine had a baby boy this morning as well.

Hope you are enjoying your new home!

Anonymous said...

Praise Him!!! (God, not the baby.)
I am so happy for you guys; especially Perry. Now he's got a man cub.

ladyintraining said...

Congratulations Jackson family!!! Kristi wanted me to send along her congratulations, too (she's fasting the computer right now). This little man looks just like his daddy!!!! He's so sweet! I CANNOT WAIT to meet him!

Sarah said...

He is so incredibly beautiful! New house new baby right? FINALLY another boy for your family. Congratulations. I saw the pictures on Laci's myspace he is so beautiful. :)

Danielle said...

Congratulations! I'm from your due date club. God is so good! You finally have your boy!

enjoyerofthejourney.com said...

congratulations lori!! i didn't even realize you were nearing the end of your nine months...my goodness how time flies!! i can't wait to read your birth story. you, debbie and kristi inspire me everyday to have an unassisted childbirth...now if i can just convince the htb. :)

congrats again!!

A stay-at-home mom in training! said...

Congrats Lori and Family! He is beautiful! Welcome to the world of a little boy. God bless!

-Becky Zientek (Stewart)